The traditional Corn Distillery Dörlemann, a fifth-generation family business founded in 1860, is the creator and keeper of the original BUBENSTOLZ recipe from 1896.

Once the pride of miners and blue collar workers in the Ruhr-Area of West-Germany, BUBENSTOLZ is now a symbol of the new german Zeitgeist. Since 1896, BUBENSTOLZs flavor remains incomparable and full of character. With its new look, this herbal liquor is ready to take over the world.

Imagefoto Bubenstolzflasche, kleinere Auflösung

Bubenstolz Logo, Kräuterlikor Anno 1860. mit Krätern umrandet


53 selected herbs and roots from around the world united with the finest Corn Schnapps make BUBENSTOLZ a herbal liqueur with incomparable taste.

Exotic ingredients like the mystical tonka bean and the spicy grains of paradise, topped by a hint of lemon balm, give BUBENSTOLZ its unique flavor.


BUBENSTOLZ is best enjoyed ice cold as a shot or on the rocks, garnished with lime zest.

Imagefoto Bubenstolzflasche mit einem gefüllten Glas on the rocks
Bubenstolz 5 Flaschen abgebildet in Schwarz Weiß Optik, liegend
Bubenstolz Glasflasche in schwarz

Kräuterlikör anno 1860

Still produced according to the original recipe from 1896 – 53 herbs and roots are combined with the finest Corn Schnapps to gain this unique herbal liqueur: BUBENSTOLZ.

The combination of an exquisite mildness with a refreshing spiciness produces a classic flavor with exotic accents.

BUBENSTOLZ is best enjoyed ice cold as a shot or on the rocks, garnished with lime zest.

36% vol. / 0,7 liter bottle 

24,99 €


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